How to Make Your Usb Flash Drive is Password Protected?

Last Sunday, terribly wrong with me,I had all my personal and important data and details saved on my USB flash drive like CV, scanned certificates,my emails id and passwords, financial documents etc.then the unexpected accident happened ;my brother's daughter came and tampered with the documents and others things.she removed the files that were extremely important with myself and I had to incur extra expenses to obtain them scanned again.i was very angry on them.But I controlled my anger because She is very sweet and cute.
I have need to find a solution. i have some research on this problem on google.Fortunately i got a good solution.I found a freeware software.Whose name is file secure is a totaly free of cost tool.
I did to test out. Genuinely, it was the software that I was lacking and missing  in my beloved computer . Using this  there is no doubt  that the USB flash Drive is safe and the data and documents in it.

How does password protect USB drive work?

first of all ;I explain that How does it work? The main  concept of shielding and protecting  the USB fLASH drive basically depends on the "File Secure Free" program. You can free download this tool and launch it in your computer after inatallation. Once you've run the software an interface will show  where you have to select what you need to do. There are four basic options that'll be on software s left hand portion

File backup
File encryptor
File shredder
USB Lockup

All the options above would carryout what you need or what you want  to perform in your computer. For instance you desire to backup files. You'll have to tap within the File Backup button and carry out the required directions. Within our situation we need to password protect USB flash drive; the button called Lockup will function this purpose.

System Requirements:

1-Processor: >750MHz Intel or AMD CPU
2-RAM: 256MB or above
3-Free Hard Disk Space: 100MB or more

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How to make use of the "Lockup" option in password protect USB flash  drive

The lockup option really is easy to use. Firstly you have got to make sure that the USB flash  is plugged in and connected. this will make sure that the software program can very easily identify it in your Computer. After you have plugged it in you pick it from the "select volume" button.

Afterwards you can lock the usb flash. This is the place where you will have to input a password that will be utilized to protect the drive. Please keep in mind and  ensure that you pick a password that'll be easy to remember and the one that will not seem too obvious e.g. the date of birth.The same method you have locked it is also like the unlocking procedure. You have to use the same password to unlock your USB flas drive.

In the end-The great factor about password protect USB flash drive is the reason that you will have restricted admittance to it. Only those with the correct password are able to access the contents in the USB flash drive. If you wish to share the USB flash drive with a friend and otheres then it might be imperative to provide the passwords to them or else they will not use the drive at all. Your data and information could be safe and sound if you are using "File Secure Free". Should you worry about losing important details which will cost you to get them back then this is the correct tool for you.

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