Max Keylogger 3.5.8 Full Version Free Download

Max keylogger is great plus perfect tool and an all in a single keystroke logger & monitoring Software program. it is a complete Computer system surveillance software package, developed to keep an eye on all keystrokes. Along with it's main key capture function it performs as a full-fledged pc monitoring Tool: This extraordinary and unique  software program allows remote computer monitoring and keylogger recording in real time for example logs any password and makes screen shots, tracks Net sessions etc. Max keylogger is uncomplicated and easy to use due to its intuitive interface. Everything are clear to an end-user. Invisibility is not only an item, but also keylogging event remains are usually undetected. Max Keylogger solution is the best choice for those do not want to struggle with PC configuration issues and required comprehensive monitoring reports. The Max Keylogger Software is Perfect to: To System administrators: Max Keylogger could help you clearly know about what have been displayed in the system. protect yourself know everything they do on your computer. To CEO: The computers in your company are under your fully control with Max Keylogger. You will clear about all your workforce' activities or actions anyone using your official and personal computer. Max Keylogger safeguard your business.

A great advantage for parents of this excellent software
 You can follow up all programs your kids have run. And find out what they have search on the Online world. protect your kids form online hazards. To Any Or All Users: Be able to construct a full control on your own Personal computer with Max Keylogger. Besides you'll be clear about exactly what was run and when, what text was typed, etc. on your Personal computer in your absence. Utilizing the program constantly, you will able to restore the previously typed text in case you have lost it. With the help of Max Keylogger, you also could restore the forgotten password or the lost email. To Computer Classes and Internet Cafes: Max Keylogger will let you know what the users have been doing on the computers.

Some key features of Max Keylogger 3.5.8  ..
Record every single keystroke while PC used (user name and password included)
Log the exact time and date when everything is typed
Record keystroke from all chats and instant messages (including voice chat)
Track every email sent and received (Web based email included)
Monitor all website visited by external users
Review all actions on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter (including the profiles they visit)
Remote log deliverly (lets you receive every recorded logs via email)

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