Nokia Pc suite 7.01

Nokia PC Suite is a very useful and helpfull  software  which helps you take total control of your Nokia Phone. The main Nokia PC Suite window features the following options:

Some key features of Nokia Pc suite  7.01 

1. Backup: You can make an instant backup of all the data from your phone on the PC
2. Synchronize: You can synchronise all the data from your phone including contacts, calendar, notes and e-mails
3. Connect to the Internet: Makes possible a direct connection to the internet from your phone
4. Contacts: You can manage all your phone contacts directly from your PC
5. Messages: Manage (create and send) SMS messages and multimedia messages directly from your PC
6. Calendar: Manage your phone calendar from the PC
7. File manager: You can browse and transfer your files between the phone and the PC
8. Store images: You can store the images and videos taken with your phone on your PC
9. Transfer Videos: The option makes possible video transfer between the phone and the PC
10. Install Applications: The option allows you to install any compatible Java and Symbian applications on your phone directly from your PC
11. Explore Music: Takes you to the Ovi music site, where you can explore new music, download it and play it on your PC and transfer it on your phone.
12. Update Phone Software: This option allows you to keep your phone firmware up to date at any time.
13. Download Maps: With this option and only if your phone allows it, you can download and use the nokia ovi maps application.

  Click here to  Download Nokia Pc suite  7.01


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