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Yesterday I was searching  a naat on YouTube .I did not find the Naat .But I discovered a very great software.This software is related to the holy Quran .I liked this software very much. I thought that the software maker to give tribute.Because this man done a great  job.

First I'll tell you what it is? Searching any word or verse is very difficult in the holy Quran . To simplify this task, a Pakistani software designer  Zahid Hussain Chihpa.He has built a software.The Name of this software is search Quran 2.1 .

Search Quran 2.1  is a software With its help you can easily search any word or verse in the holy Quran. This software is made very easy to find something in the Quran . It is very useful and beautiful application .

For example - If one wants to search “sabar” related ayaat, and can type “sabar” in roman urdu or “صبر  ” in urdu or patience in english system will give you the answer in just a moment. How many times it comes in the Holy Quran and where. Now you can search all the topics in this search engine.

I think it is useful for both teachers and students.It's in four languages (English, Arabic, Urdu & Roman Urdu).

During a TV interview , Zahid Hussain Chihpa announced that this software is absolutely free and it will not charge.

Google has also recognized that-According to Google he is the only person in the world who complete the translation of Holy Quran in Roman Urdu and made this Search Engine.

He has recently( June 2012 ) released a new version of search Quran (3.1.0)

Click here to Download.

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