TuneUp Utilities 2012 Plus Product Key Full Free Version Download

TuneUp Utilities 2012 gives a huge variety of effective system   optimization and maintenance  programs in single interface. A few tools you will utilize to on a regular basis clean up your pc system, while some only need to be perform just once in a while or if you have a particular Microsoft windows problem. The TuneUp Utilities  2012 version   moreover also provides the Program De activator, which disables unwanted applications and programs  until you require them, and Economy Mode, which could help laptop computer owners enhance battery life.
TuneUp Utilities version 2012 keeps things straightforward with its 1-Click Maintenance cool scan function, which combines tools for deleting temporary files, cleaning and defragmenting the registry,
removing broken shortcuts, optimizing system startup and shutdown, and defragmenting hard disk drives. The scan recommended various actions, but we liked that you could exclude any you didn't wish to put into action. The software's key interface toggles from a summary overview plus a tabbed Category display. Making a Profile let's save our pc system routine maintenance preferences in addition to manage and configure  the optionally available Economy Mode and Turbo Mode. The Software Deactivator made specific recommendations for restoring system performance, for example stopping and uninstalling unwanted software programs. TuneUp Utilities 2012 version also suggested modifying our favorite web browser and exhibit configurations and settings  to decrease performance-hogging procedures. The Fix Troubles and Problems  tab presents a variety of beneficial and useful  fixes for typical Microsoft windows problem such as computer's desktop icon problems and errors . Under Settings, we're able to integrate the Hard drive disk Space Explorer and Shredder (secure delete) tools into Windows context menus and also the Un-delete tool along with the Recycle Bin. Many folks have got claimed difficulty un-installing TuneUp Utilities during or after the trial period, but we had no such troubles, and the program un-installed easily , cleanly and 100 % completely .
We just scratched the surface TuneUp Utilities 2012's features since many are used for specific errors or issues, but we found the software to be a simple and easy method to perform basic but necessary maintenance. While experienced Windows users may prefer separate freeware applications to an all-in-one approach, others will like the recommendations and tweaks packaged together in TuneUp Utilities 2012.

Some great and key  Features of TuneUp Utilities 2012

    TuneUp Economy Mode
    TuneUp Program Deactivator
    Improve Performance and Battery Life
    Take Care of Your PC and Data Clutter
    Restore and Secure-Wipe Files
    Analyze and troubleshoot your PC
    Personalize Windows®
    TuneUp Economy Mode
    Turbo Mode
    TuneUp Live Optimization
    Disable startup programs
    Accelerate system startup and shutdown
    Defragment hard disk
    1-Click-Maintenance & Automatic Maintenance
    Clean hard disk
    Uninstall unneeded programs
    Defragment, Clean and Edit the Registry
    Find and Delete Large Amounts of Data
    Remove Broken Shortcuts
    Restore deleted files
    Clean hard disk
    Delete files safely
    Show system information
    Status & recommendations (category)
    Optimization status
    Increase performance - recommendations
    Program rating
    Display and close running processes
    Detect and fix problems
    Check hard disk for errors
    Customize the appearance of Windows® (TuneUp Styler)
    Customize options and behaviors (TuneUp System Control)
    Start Center
    Overview of all functions
    TuneUp Utilities Settings Center
    Check for Updates
    Optimization Report
    More Great Features

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