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Windows Doctor is the fantastic treatment to all types of registry troubles and problems . Its advanced scan engine has the capacity to scan your overall registry within a couple of seconds to identify each and every registry error and safely repair them for you. With Windows Doctor, you’ll see instant enhances in overall performance and also decreases in system issues. It will make your pc run as fluently as new and error free.

Windows Doctor applies the many professional and effective registry cleaner to resolve your registry trouble. Editing registry items is a highly risky task in that improperly modifying registry items may cause severe system damages. Windows Doctor knows the right way to deal with Your computer windows registry.
With a professionally designed scan engine, it carefully screens out the system-sensitive entries and accurately identifies and removes registry errors to boost Windows performance and eliminates Windows freezes and hangs. Windows Doctor guarantees 100% safety and effectiveness.

In addition to the registry cleaner, Windows Doctor provides many other useful tools to optimize your
Windows so that you don’t need to spend extra cash on the expensive single task software.

Some key features of  Windows Doctor

Invalid User software settings • Invalid class keys
Invalid system software settings • Invalid fonts
Invalid browser helper objects • Invalid start-up programs
Invalid custom control settings • ActiveX errors
Errors in uninstall sections • Obsolete history lists
Shared DLL errors • Invalid file paths
Sound and AppEvents errors • Invalid file extensions
Startup popup window • Invalid software locations
Invalid System settings • Windows services error
Invalid help and resources • Invalid virtual devices
Empty registry keys • Invalid device drivers
Automatically end hung applications
Enable UDMA66 support
Optimize Internet connection
Force Windows to Unload DLLs from Memory
Speed up Windows refresh
Speed up browsing remote computers
Speed up loading internet explorer pages
Speed up the menu show delay
Boost up the Windows prefetcher service

Windows Doctor is compatible with Windows XP / 2003 / Vista / Vista64 / 7 / 7 x64

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