MediaInfo 0.7.59 Free Download

MediaInfo gives you a effective easy access to the inner values of your video and audio data files. Whether you need to look at the setup of tracks included in a file or you need to know all the exact details regarding the codecs used, MediaInfo will provide the appropriate view.
You can select between a graphical user interface to quickly choose the suitable view on the information and a command line interface to automatically retrieve and process media information in your personal scripts. For these purposes, MediaInfo's views are customizable the easiest way.

Some key features MediaInfo 0.7.59 :

Different and customizable views on media information (Text, Table, Tree Structure, HTML, XML...)
Data Export as Text, CSV, HTML, XML...
Graphical User Interface, Command Line Interface, DLL
Integration in MS-Windows (Drag'n'Drop, Context menu)

Information Categories:

Basics: Title, Author, Director, Album, Title Nr., Date, Length...
Video: Codec, Aspect Ratio, Frame Rate, Bit Rate...
Audio: Codec, Sampling Rate, Channels, Languages, Bit Rate...
Text: Language of Subtitles
Chapters: Nr. of Chapters, Outline

Supported Formats and Containers:

Video: MKV, OGM, AVI, DivX, WMV, QuickTime, Real, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DVD (VOB)... (Codecs: DivX, XviD, MSMPEG4, ASP, H.264, AVC...)
Audio: OGG, MP3, WAV, RA, AC3, DTS, AAC, M4A, AU, AIFF...
Untertitel: SRT, SSA, ASS, SAMI...

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