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Samsung is one of the top five leading cell and multimedia phone makers in the worldwide. And like many people you will search a  software .The help you need from your mobile phone can transfer files to your computer.The solution is Samsung PC Studio .
Samsung PC Studio application was designed to be a professional tool that you can use to manage you personal data and multimedia files by connecting a Samsung Mobile Phone.

Some key features of Samsung PC Studio:
Connection manager:
-Allows you to select the connection type for PC to Phone connection.
The connection types: USB, Bluetooth, Infrared or Serial.

Manage messages
:-Manage short messages and multimedia messages.

Manage contacts and more:-Allows you to retrieve personal information saved in the Phone, such as phonebook and organizer and to add new data or delete and edit the saved data.

Synchronize:-Allows you to synchronize personal information data saved in the Phone and the data saved in the PC's personal information management program.

Transfer files:-Allows you to browse multimedia files saved in the Phone in the windows browser and to download files or to upload PC files to the Phone.

Manage internet connections:-Allows you to access the Internet using the connected Phone as a modem device.

Compose multimedia messages:-Compose your own multimedia message and send through your phone.

Drag & Drop:-All the selected contents can be easily transferred among widgets and icons on the screen by Drag & Drop

Easy Start:-Easy Start runs automatically when a mobile phone is connected to New PC Studio.
It helps you step-by-step transfer or synchronize content among PC and mobile phone.

Share content on the web site (To Web):-Post content of photos and videos to the web sites such as Flickr and YouTube by Drag&Drop.

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