Windows Blinds 7.3 Make Your Own Win 7 Theme

WindowBlinds is a application system utility that helps you to fully transform and change  the overall look and feeling of Microsoft Windows. It functions by applying new visual styles, also known as skins, across the whole user interface (i.e. start menu, window frames, title bars, menus, buttons, taskbar, scroll bars, ...) of the computer system. Thus, you achieve comprehensive control over the way Windows looks

Now let's see what we can do with the help of this software ?

Like me , Certainly it will be also wishing you that Is any such available software   which helps to make a Windows theme ? Guys WindowBlinds is the best solution for this purpose . WindowBlinds comes with a lots of visual styles to help you get began. After that you can easily modify them by changing the color, including a texture, your favorite wallpaper, transforming fonts, adjusting transparency, or blur. Generate, update and apply textures. Use UIS0 to utilize textures to the Windows Aero visual style. Live demo of skins and transparencies. Moreover, it is easy to download a huge number of free visual styles through the popular With the addition of the separate SkinStudio, you can easily generate your own skins for usage with WindowBlinds.
Some key features of "WindowBlinds":

Apply color to skins
Skin Windows Start Bar and Explorer
Add animations to your start panel
Skin different programs with different skins
Add more title bar buttons (roll-up, etc..)
Change color/hue/brightness on the fly
Change progress animations
Skin scrollbars and toolbar icons
Apply textures to Aero skins

First you will need to download from ( Trial Version )
Click here to Download

After this step download patch of WindowBlinds 7.3 .
Click here to Download ( Skip Ad )

Some screen shots ( Thanks to SOFTPEDIA for these images )


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