Al-Qari Plus (Virtual Teacher of the Quran) Version 2.0

Guys , This post are dedicated to my blog's Muslim readers  .My Muslim brothers , As you know that the holy Quran is a great book .It is a message from Allah for us .It is not a book it is a complete way of life . it is also very good solution of our problems .The holy Quran is not only for Muslims it is also beneficial for whole humanity .
However friends , now I am arriving  at my real topic .Recite and read the holy Quran with correct pronunciation , today's my real topic .Because Reading and reciting the Holy Quran with correct pronunciation is very important .If you will don't care about it .Then It is possible , totally change the meaning .Therefore learn the holy Quran
with correct pronunciation is so important job for every muslim .But it is not an easy job ,it is a hardworking and time consuming job . These days everyone have a busy routine .because of it no time for learning the holy quran with correct pronunciation .I have found a very decent solution of this problem .The solution is the Al-Qari plus . It is a great tool or  in other words , it is a great Virtual Teacher of the holy Quran .
The revolutionary Al-Qari program helps you learn how to read Arabic and recite the Quran right from your computer .( With little help of a real teacher )

Al-Qari covers all the basics of reading Arabic in depth and then prepares you to master the authentic recitation of the Quran This innovative program can help children learn, and adults master, the reading of the Quran in an easy way.

Some key features of Al-Qari plus ..
Much easier than learning from videos , books or tapes etc .
Even if you've never read the Quran before, you can learn the proper way of reading and reciting from Al-Qari .
Uses a dynamic combination of sound, animation, graphics, and text to teach users how to read and recite the Quran .
Teaches advanced users how to recite the Quran with correct pronunciation .
Has an easy-to-use, sequential lesson format .
Each and every part of Al-Qari lets you hear the actual voice of an Islamic scholar from Madinah University .
The command buttons will always tell you what to do.They will guide you onward in your lessons or allow you to go back to review a past lesson .
There is always a written and a visual explanation of each exercise .

See some screenshots ...

An important tip for you ..If you don't want to create a CD or DVD , you want to run it direct on your computer . So i suggest this tool .UltraISO Premium Edition 

Friends , It is a torrent file . You must need to install a torrent client software like this  on your computer .

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