Windows 8 PERMANENT Activator For W8 Build 9200 ..Latest Trick

Windows 8 is these days , everyone's favourite operating system . Windows 8 activation is a big problem .Although lots of activators are available on the internet .But a problem in these activators .The problem is that these activators are not a permanent solution of windows 8 activation .Usually , they provide 3 or 6 months for windows 8 activation . Guys , I have found a permanent solution of this problem .The solution is Windows 8 PERMANENT Activator For W8 Build 9200 Keep in mind one thing , I also thinks it Works With all version of Windows 8 but has not yet tested except for PRO version which prove that it works.
It also works on RTM VERSION for Windows 8 and with W.Z.T Release.

First see the screenshots .

 This is a torrent file . You must install torrent client on your computer .
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After download it follow these instructions ,

1. Run as administrator , right click on the .exe - click on Run As ...

2. Click on INSTALL / UNINSTALL windows 8 When command prompt opens and askes to pree y / n jus press Y and that's all it. will activate it by itself(it should say activation sucssesful ok and ok again and then on command pronpt it will say that it will restart . so let it reastart by itself .

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