How To Use Tunnelbear On Windows 10 PC To Unblock/Access Websites/Censored Content Change IP Address

 Today I will be teaching you How to setup, install and use Tunnelbear on Windows 10 to access blocked websites, content and change your real IP  address? You may watch my previous tutorial If you want to use Tunnelbear in Windows 7. 

What Is Tunnelbear VPN?

As you might know that Tunnelbear is a very famous VPN and IP changer. As well as It protects its users privacy and identity. You can use this easy to use and user friendly VPN software to access banned websites, bypass GEO-blocking and alter IP address.

In addition to premium plans of Tunnelbear VPN, It also has a free plan  in which you are allowed to use 500MB of free data every month. The best thing is that you can increase this data limit to 1GB with a Tweet.

TunnelBear VPN Account Creation

You cannot use Tunnelbear VPN If you don't create an account at Tunnelbear website. Having an account is essentially required to use it Whether you are a free user or you have a premium plan. 

To create a free account, Visit sign up page and submit your email and choose a password and sign up.

Check your Inbox and verify your account.

Download Tunnelbear VPN Software

Now download from here and install Tunnelbear VPN software.

Watch Video Tutorial

Sign into your YouTube account to watch this video

How To Use Tunnelbear VPN Software?

Congratulations! installation process is now complete and Tunnelbear is ready to help you to access blocked websites and alter your IP address. 

Let's understand interface of the Tunnelbear desktop client.

You can turn it on or off from here.

Next to turn on off button, This drop down menu lets you connect to your preferred virtual location.

This graphical map shows you the original location and the country where your selected VPN server is located.

This settings cog lets you make your preferred settings according to your requirements.

I'm quite positive Windows 10 users can now easily understand the interface and can use it by following today's short tutorial. 

Please do let me know If I failed to explain anything properly or you run into any problem using the comment section. 

I will do my best to solve your problem as soon as I can

Stay tuned, stay blessed, and Don't forget to like, subscribe, comment and share.

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