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Welcome to SoftFinds.Com, You might be wondering. What is SoftFinds.Com? SoftFinds.Com is a blog and YouTube channel where Atif Imran and his team members try to solve your problems related to Windows, Ubuntu, Android etc by creating simple video tutorials.
If you don’t find yourself good at using an app or software, Don’t worry. You will find video tutorials about how to use them created by Atif Imran and his team.


Is our introduction over? No dear,


If you are not happy with the performance of a specific software for Windows, Ubuntu and app for Android and searching for a better alternative? Then We hope You will find this website a perfect place for this purpose. We also compile the list of best and batter alternatives and share with our respected subscribers and YouTubers after testing them on our own PCs.

Additionally, We compile the list of top 5 or top 10 best software and apps and the best thing about our compiled lists is that We never share anything without testing on our own PCs. We always try not to share anything that contains viruses, malware, adware, spyware, Trojan or any other security threat.

SoftFinds.Com also provides you with the offline installers of Windows, Ubuntu and Mac programs.

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We are nothing without your precious support, love, help and feedback. Take care, Have a nice day, Thanks for watching today’s video. Have a nice day and Please don’t forget to subscribe our channel.